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 Meet Accupunto, The Brand was born out of collaboration between father and son that brings together a design synergy of past and present. The first series of Accupunto, Ergonic, took an ancient method of acuncture and transform it into living room. Accupunto Ergonic series have received numerous international awards and publications. Accupunto untilizes an International patented system that forms the contour of the users. Innovation and development have always been the core beliefs of the company and it has carried the brand through its venture in introducing new and original products from Asia - specifically : Indonesia. www.accupunto.com ---

Bandung is famous as a home for young creative people in music, art and especially fashion. Ailo Footwear was created by a couple young people (Dian Bedjo, Ari Susilo, Feby Oncom) who shared mutual interest in fashion, shoes in particular. Ailo Footwear is originally handmade with premium material and fashionable design ---

Allthethingsivedone is created by DewiAsthari and Alek Kowalski in 2007. It is about being amused by finishing surprises, immaculate tailorings, and breathtaking silhouettes, that is what Allthethingsivedone always try to give. They believe, each person deserve a reward from the clothes they wear everyday.  www.allthethingsivedone.com ---
After years of working as stylists and costume designers for various musicians and performers, Ahmad Ridwanu Jaman and Ardistri Sasangkani Putri finally met the opportunity to launch their first ready to wear brand, named a.n.d. Simply means a collaboration of Amet and Distri, a.n.d brings you a fashion conscious collections of ready to wear items for boys & girls ---

Argyle and oxford is a brand based in jakarta, built by 2 friends from college started as a funny project that turns out to be the real deal, the concept behind is 2 characters (deer and sheep) that reflected the creative minds behind argyle and oxford. They love fashion, they are funny and humble also adorable in certain way, they are a bit androgynous but adores cute little details. Argyle and oxford targeted the young market who are girls, passionate, funny and androgynous. We offer simple design with a twist. www.argyleandoxford.blogspot.com ---
Born in 1988 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Aninda Aviani is now finishing her degree at Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) Art and Design Faculty, majoring in Textiles. AVANAVA is her own fashion label that combines traditional motifs and patterns with state of the art techniques and fabrics. This is what gives AVANAVA that simple and classy touch, traditional yet ready-to-wear clothes. Aninda and AVANAVA has a goal in fashion industry, to make traditional Indonesian motifs and pattern not to be noticed as old and weary clothes, but more as in calm and chic clothes. www.its-avanava.com ---

Bibie Brown was established in November 2010 and specializing in children clothing and accessories, both boys and girls. Our clothing size ranges from age 6 months to age 8 years. Inspired by the love of children, we believe that children clothing should be comfortable for their daily activities. Our clothing style is simple yet modern and chic. Kindly visit our website at www.bibiebrown.com for our complete clothing collections ---

  We are a kid’s apparel brand that derives our inspiration from the utopic world of a child simple mind and expresses it in a contemporary way. BOC design concerns are that of comfortability and creativity. We open our minds to fresh ideas from both artists and the children themselves since 2008 ---

Irmasari Joedawinata and Rizkiasari Joedawinata, they are sister that finally drop their minds into fashion label named BYCATCH and starting to release the products within the last two years. “We always have those sister conversation in Irma’s bathroom and it was how BYCATCH started”, said Rizkiasari. “We want this coming true for ages and that was why we put ‘multiple moods’ for BYCATCH”, cleared Irmasari. Currently, BYCATCH has products for women outwear and necklace for accessories. They are now preparing outwear products for men on their new season and stay close for the upcoming bag from BYCATCH soon. Surprise! ---

Founded in 2011 by an Italian graduated shoe designer from Ars Sutoria, International Institute of Footwear and Leather Goods Model Design – Milan, éclair is made to complete the needs of fashion for fashionable people by representing a sexy and sophisticated shoes, combined with trends and people’s daily needs nowadays.
In French literature, éclair means sparks, also well known as a type of chocolate covered pastry which has a filling inside, give you a sparkling sensation when you bite it. That’s how éclair created, a line of fashion world with a super comfortable shoes, light-weight, in a surprising range of colours, made them has a tempting sensation just like éclairs ---

FLYK which is short for Flow Like You Know, is an expansion of Stereoflow's merchandise. It is basically a street wear and their inspiration comes originally from the streets. The street artist himself teams up with a graphic designer Racht4 and product designer Iemz. Together they combine art with design into fine detailed quality products representing the urban culture www.flowlikeyouknow.com ---

Heyuno is brand wear for infant and kids. Our products combine quality and style, through art and innovation which is not only cute but also rock at the same time. We put as much love and attention to our products as parents would give to their children. With our continuous work to create new and fresh-look products,we make sure that our collection grow together with the change of style of your children. "No matter how you see it, Heyuno is absolutely for babies and kids with attitude!" http://heyuno.blogspot.com/ ---

House of NOINOI by Yufie - local brand from Bandung who began their existence since 2008. The form of clothes ready to wear collection for women with an urban character, dynamic and active. Who became the hallmark of NOINOI identity applied to a simple silhouette with cutting considerations are complex and detailed as a style statement. Smart, stylish & comfort is NOINOI overall ---

Born as personal pact between interior design and fashion, ILISKI creates home decor and accessories (speciality in necklaces). Now, we have our necklaces for POP SHOP.
All of our necklaces are inspired by everything that related to interior design and furniture, transform into beautiful fashion accessories. You’ll find a new ‘sensation’ when meet ILISKI, wide range of materials, rich of details, add not only playfull but also elegance in every necklaces we have --- 

(read : it’s her) as a ready to wear female brand, started in 2007. Dedicated to young mature women and can easily spotted by its plain colourful simple design.  The idea freshly coming from its designer, Cinta Larantika, who also start to coupled “Mother & Daughter” in itSHEr kids collection. She play with cuts, patterns, and go with the unordinary way of applicating the clothes itself ---

It was obvious from the first part of age that Jan and Sober would finest attain success as a business partner. Having urbanized a taste for stylish men clothes early on in the fashion industry especially men’s wear, these entrepreneurial Indonesian mates established a variety of part-time business ventures to pay for their apparels.
They are taking bright inspiration from their far-reaching travels and imaginably the peculiar deliberate they gathered along the travel, “j a n / s o b e r” skillfully updated timeless menswear pieces without ever taking stylistic superfluities too extreme. – simpler is better ---

Inspired by their two children Jodi & Jedi, originally Andiva and Meida only tried to make kids shoes for their children and friends. End up seriously in the business through kids shoes that very concern to use of materials which is comfortable and casual design that always updated and colourful. This shoes named Jd kids ---

We are Indonesian artists and designers who create ceramic functional objects. Combining techniques with traditional yet modern brings up the value of the object itself. www.kandurakeramik.com ---


Leather and textile goods from fine craftsmen. Ready to wear and home industry garment, made to measure, fitting, developing/experimenting on bespoke, custom-made to the buyer’s specification. We also sell our own design in finished condition or in standardized sizes, and take orders as our buyer’s imagination.
“working with leather, suede, and textile materials is like surgery-you only get one shot”. So experience counts double, and we are willingly to share ours to you ---

KIDNAPPED ALLY is an accessories line, using teak wood as their basic material. Found & design by Astri Adhe & Naya Kumara, October, 2009. They like to call their handmade craft product as STATECRAFT NECKLACE. It's a one of a kind bold accessories from Jakarta, Indonesia. Kidnapped Ally launch their second line in clothing (2010) : KIDNAPPED PROPER, unfinish basic & not so basic cutting cloths for man & woman with a light fabric which suitable for indonesian weather and this “PROPER” dedicated to all Indonesian street wear ---

Knothink.New. is a Bali based brand of clothing and jewelry. A realm from childhood day dreaming for an adventure of a life time inspired by culture and people, objects and the wonders of colors. Knothink.New. Represent. http://knothinknew.blogspot.com/ ---

LEAP OF FAITH is an Indonesian men’s apparel brand. What was once a random topic of conversation has now grew into a product of passion. The brand was founded in early 2011 and will hopefully last (at least) another 10 years. We aspire to be an expert in the T-Shirt industry and also offer ready-to-wear items with a twist. Our designs are unique because we try to inject relevance to it. After all, we feel that you should be able to make a connection to whatever it is that you wear ---
MODA started to make their own line of shoes and bags, which starts from Revi And Giri's hobby of shoe designing, since they share a common interest in fashion, especially shoes MODA products are originally hand-made with premium materials and fashionable designs that follow trend under affordable prices ---

Established in the early 2009. Monstore is a clothing line focusing on art or as we call it, wearable art. We produce high quality apparel and goods that doesn’t just stop at looking good, but go a step further by having a story behind each and every one of our designs. A story that relates to us as humans. What we feel. What we do. And everyting else that makes us what we are today. www.heymonstore.com  ---

With simple people always said that nordhen is a brand that did not forget about ethical, social, and environmental things.
“We didn’t found nordhen but nordhen did”, we always embed a fault line as a reference where nordhenbasic had found our camp is not found, it means we here believe that this is a destiny that has been outlined to the five of us so we had to run nordhenbasic with all the best we got. Then began this story, www.nordhenbasic.com ---
PVOMO is a menswear design focusing on making an effortless look adapted from formal attire. PVOMO enhances the look preppy, 80's grunge scene, and yet modern so it's applicable and wearable in the current trends ---

“The perfect blend”, that’s what we called it. What makes it perfect was the blending between the wide selection of the most desirable – cutting edge clothing with a great love of price. Started in 2007, we try to capture the need of our customer and try to be their destination with all of our custom collection. We pride ourselves in bringing the best material in each of our apparels. Yes, we have no compromising on the quality. Enjoy perusing through our collection.
“We are making our own beat – dance to that – and trust me you will join the rhythm!” ---

Sorcery, an interior design and furnishing company with interests in exploring the uncharted realm of contemporary design. Since inception in 2008 by two siblings, Cahaya Dwisangkana and Zanun Nurangga, the duo have worked on various interior projects such as residences and retail spaces.
Back in 2010 they decided to continue their foray into the retail furniture market, hoping to offer customers with something different from the run-of-the-mill designs available on the market. www.studiosorcery.com ---

The Brand SUGARSCARS started from a simple idea that kid’s apparel and clothing don’t always have to be all sweet-flowery-cartoonish styles. It is fine to dress your children in a clean and simple way so that their true personality gets the chance to shine. Let the kids have their own bold and unique attitude with a loose silhouette, modern-deconstructed cutting and easy to mix and match with. Making the brand a ‘must have item’ for its realistic vision to redefine a children’s universe.
Focuses in modern and simplified pattern cutting that had a clash to a vintagey - sometimes shabby - details. A twist of Peterpan’s Neverland dreams of never ending adventure in a realistic urban vibe of modern day’s big city kids. Sugarscars kids available for kids 2 - 8 years old. www.sugarscars.com ---

THTC are based on effortless-designed and fashion-forward style. Inspired by Love + hate , Black Flag,Talking Heads, Beck, The Cramps, Sonic Youth and Skaterock. This clothing line is somewhat telling ironic stories with a fashion twist. Singular graphic are designed with perfect fit in mind, resulting in essential modern staples. The brand was born of the desire to create a new line, one that embodied a youthful take on his artfully playful visual. Based on like-minded ideals surrounding cultural awareness and individuality. THTC underscoring the importance of uniform and identity. A range of coveted essentials with the introduction of a new collection, each piece is inspire with the offbeat charm and attention to detail. A fashion twist that are the epitome of fashion and comfort. Equal parts unique, whimsical, and alluring ---

TITA, the inspiring handmade accessories. Made by creativity, uniqueness, passionate and love. This accessories specially handmade and 100% Indonesian. TITA is catchy, colourfull, simple, elegant and modern-styled accessories. It's for everyone especially for attractive young woman ---

Triangle was found by Dhani Nalendra and Anissa Rafaldini in July 2011. Fashion is about trend and style, from this opinion makes them decided to build this fashion brand. Triangle has produced ready to wear for young adult with simple and wearable style that can make them feel chic and confident on their daily activities ---
There are times in life when you just need to indulge a little. twentyforteen is here with a unique idea, that everyone can wear a sophisticated yet playful swimwear as a daily outfit as well as swimsuit. Our custom-made service also allows you to have your own personalized item. Now, let’s take a trip down memory lane, where the world is better when swimsuits are all over. So what are you waiting for? Life's a beach!! so start taking the plunge with style http://twentyforteen.blogspot.com/ ---
Every designers’ dirty little secret is that they copy other designers’ work. They see work they like, and they imitate it. Rather cheekily, they call this inspiration. (Aaron Russell) HAHA love the quotes, what do you think guys? do u agree? :p Anyway UTEE is an independent fashion brand from Indonesia, we create bags, clothes and accessories. UTEE's collections are hand made stuff that produced in our little workshop in Jakarta. We hope you loves our collection :) http://utee2010.blogspot.com/ ---

v.ANIAKI.hm base on the designer name it self Vania Hakim. Local brand play in pattern, 80’s style, obsess with wool-knitted fabric, more to daily wear and petite size. http://www.aniaki.com ---

Vienette was established to create a unique product in bags and accessories. The product itself is inspired from strengths and posh-ness of a woman.
The name was taken from the city in Austria, Vienna, The name itself means graceful. Each product reflected the beautifulness of Vienna. Enjoy the collection! ---

Established in 2010, W.AR.S was founded by Agus Hutabarat & Riri Warokka.W.AR.S come from the same background as a product designer who share the same dream & passion.W.AR.S now focusing in making furniture & other products that involving wood & leather as the material.W.AR.S products are ‘Love, Not War’ Chair, ‘Stretch’ Table, ‘Tensile’ Stool, ‘Hunchback’ Standing Lamp.W.AR.S latest product, a standing lamp called HUNCHBACK LAMP, is a design collection made up of a series of colors. It produced using sungkai wood, combined with a soft colors as the aesthetic.A design that draws its inspiration from human gesture which make this lamp has a new function, the simple proper reading lights and the hanger. www.weare-skins.blogspot.com ---

Wed’s is a unique creation made with the strong material and full of fashion variations in leather and woody. Make the original that little bit more special. Fit your size and feel your shoesgasm! ---

“What is it?? Is it about some wrong stitches that you have on your clothes? or any other missed or broken stitches on your pleat?!” Those questions and thought might crossed on your mind when you heard about wrong stitch. But hey, don’t get this wrong. “Wrong Stitch is not a sin, it’s a bless”.
Wrong Stitch is an independent label, that focus on women’s apparel. We’re setting out a daily wearable clothes with comfortable materials, various cutting and pattern, yet the touch of the unique stitches as the ornament identify the design of our line. Moreover, forget about tight clothes! wrong stitch are designed loose. Means, you can freely move without recking of the strict string that circling around your body!! ---